Expat Guide to Living in Split, Croatia

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by Andrew Shulman


More than just a sun-soaked gem on the Dalmatian Coast, Split, Croatia, has seen its expatriate population grow exponentially, with the city’s allure resonating across continents. This rise in global citizens has etched Split firmly onto the map as a coveted expat destination. Amid the city’s labyrinthine streets, a perfect blend of ancient culture and modern living is pioneering a new kind of urban renaissance, tailor-made for those seeking to reconfigure life’s rhythms abroad.

For those considering living in Split as an expat, this is your comprehensive expat guide to living in Split. From the storied halls of the Diocletian’s Palace to the serene Adriatic waters lapping at the city’s shores, Split offers a lifestyle steeped in history and lavished in the Mediterranean’s luxuriant embrace. As an expat, finding the perfect abode is paramount, and navigating the best neighborhoods to live in for expats in Split will be one of your first grand adventures in your new coastal city.

Welcome to Split: A First Glimpse for Expats

The allure of living in Split as an expat is underscored by the seamless blend of ancient grandeur and modern comfort that this Adriatic jewel offers. Split’s beating heart, the Diocletian’s Palace, is more than just a protected UNESCO World Heritage site; it’s a live-in museum where contemporary life flourishes within walls steeped in history. Lined with cozy cafés and galleries, the palace’s ancient corridors are evidence of the balance Split strikes between preserving history and nurturing a vibrant community.

For expats, the city extends beyond its historical core, exposing a side of Split brimming with vivacious lifestyle options. From the retro chic apartments nestled in Veli Varoš to the family-friendly neighborhoods of Bačvice, the city caters to different preferences, always infused with the unique Mediterranean charm.

The social tapestry of Split is woven with the threads of its vibrant expat communities, which include digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and artists. These groups are often the gateway to a fulfilling social life, providing support and friendship for those miles away from their home countries.

As of January 2023, Split’s entry into the Schengen Zone has brought about significant changes for non-EU expats in terms of visa requirements and residency rules. Adjusting to this new framework is a crucial aspect for anyone considering a move to Split.

  • Historical Significance: Diocletian’s Palace and the Riva waterfront.
  • Expat Community Life: Social clubs, international gatherings, and cultural events.
  • Housing Diversity: From ancient stone homes to sleek modern apartments.
  • Evidence of Change: Schengen Zone membership altering the expat experience.

Whether it’s the allure of its historic pathways or the ease of settling into its modern neighborhoods, Split clearly presents a fresh Mediterranean canvas, ready for expats to paint their new beginnings upon.

Why Choose Split: An Expat’s Perspective

Split’s allure for the expatriate community is undeniable, offering a lifestyle that amalgamates history, culture, and modern convenience. Several aspects make this Dalmatian jewel stand out for those considering a move, igniting the question “why choose Split?” The city’s expat guide would be remiss without highlighting the numerous benefits of living in Split as an expat, which is not only about the sun-kissed coastlines but also the thriving pulse of a city steeped in tradition with an eye on the future.

  • Entry Policies and Digital Nomad Visas: Croatia’s flexible approach towards non-EU citizens, especially the introduction of digital nomad visas, has cemented Split’s position as an attractive haven for the global remote working community.
  • Language Barrier Non-existent for English Speakers: The prevalence of English and similarities to Slavic languages make communication a breeze in Split, fostering a smooth cultural integration.
  • Size and Accessibility: The manageable size of Split makes it an ultimate walkable city. Whether it’s a quick trip to the local market or a scenic stroll along the harbor, everything is within reach, affirming the why choose Split sentiment.
  • Quality of Life Under Mediterranean Skies: With its enticing Mediterranean climate, Split promises mild winters and extensive outdoor activities, which are essential ingredients for a desirable expat lifestyle.
  • Networking and Community Opportunities: Bridging connections in a new city is paramount, and Split offers a plethora of avenues for expats to meet and engage, both online and in person.

Furthermore, to encapsulate the benefits of living in Split as an expat, a closer look at the city’s attributes is essential. Here’s a snapshot:

Feature Advantages Expat Appeal
Climate Mediterranean; Warm summers, Mild winters Year-round outdoor living; High vitamin D intake
Location Central on the Dalmatian coast; Proximity to islands Perfect for exploration and weekend getaways
Cultural Richness UNESCO Heritage site; Vibrant festivals and events Cultural immersion; Never-ending entertainment
Expat Community Well-established; Supportive networks Social integration; Sense of belonging
Cost of Living Relatively affordable; Seasonal variations Budget-friendly; Opportunities for lifestyle optimization

A compelling narrative on why choose Split also comes alive through the anecdotes and testimonials of the expats already soaking up the Adriatic sun. With a balanced blend of leisure and adventure, prospective new residents are invited to become part of a community that celebrates diversity and appreciates the uniqueness of this historic Croatian city.

Split's Expat Guide

Whether you’re drawn by the promise of languid summers by the sea, the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives among its cobblestone streets, or the seamless melding of old-world charm with contemporary living, Split stands as a beacon for expat living. And thus, Split’s expat guide is not just a list of pointers but a portal to a new chapter in life’s great adventure.

Navigating the Basics of Expatriate Life in Split

Setting the stage for a harmonious life in Split begins with grasping the everyday aspects that ease the transition for expats. Embracing the local language, while not essential for survival, does enhance daily interactions and integrates you more deeply within the community. It is beneficial to learn some basic Croatian phrases to navigate the social landscape of Split more smoothly, as doing so showcases respect for the local culture.

Another cornerstone for expats is understanding the administrative essentials. For instance, securing an OIB is a prerequisite for accessing various services in Croatia, acting as your key to the city’s health care, official documentation, and telecommunication services. Furthermore, having knowledge of the Croatian Kuna and keeping an eye on the currency exchange will empower you financially, allowing for a more seamless management of your expenses as you adapt to your new coastal home.

Life in Split operates at its own rhythm, deeply influenced by fjaka, a manifestation of the Dalmatian spirit of relaxation. Acclimatizing to this cultural aspect means slowing down and appreciating the value of leisure, which is particularly beneficial for expats used to more hurried lifestyles.

  • Learning Key Phrases: The foundation of social integration.
  • Obtaining an OIB: Accessing local services made easy.
  • Navigating Finances: Exchange rates and cash essentials.
  • Embracing fjaka: Adapting to the leisurely local pace.

As an expat guide to living in Split, it is important to note these essential steps to ensure your stay is enjoyable and stress-free. Whether you are working in Split as an expat or simply enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle, understanding and integrating these essentials for expats in Split into your routine will undoubtedly lay the groundwork for a fulfilling expat experience.

Finding Your Tribe: Connecting with the Split Expat Community

For those looking to settle in a new country, finding an expat community in Split is a comforting step to feeling at home. This vibrant city harbors a welcoming and active Split expat social scene, where both newcomers and longtime residents blend seamlessly into the fabric of local culture. There’s no shortage of events and venues where one can start connecting with expats in Split, such as the popular Expats Meet Split Facebook group and city happenings specifically catered to international residents.

Split Expat Community Gathering

Beyond the digital sphere, Split boasts a plethora of social spaces that are inherently conducive to forging new connections. Below is a list of some favored spots where expats often mingle:

  • The Daltonist – A bar known for its creative mixology and engaging atmosphere.
  • Charlie’s Bar – Celebrated among expats for its casual vibe and eclectic patrons.
  • Local Cafes – Whether it’s sipping coffee by the Riva or indulging in pastries at a quaint bakery, cafes are the quintessential Croatian setting for leisurely encounters that could lead to lasting friendships.

As summer crowds give way to a less frenetic pace in the off-season, the opportunity to connect with locals shines through the daily life of the city. The universally noted Croatian hospitality means expats can also look forward to creating bonds beyond international borders, giving way to a richly woven social fabric that is unique to this picturesque Mediterranean setting.

Expat Essentials: Housing and Neighborhoods in Split

Finding the ideal living space in Split hinges on access to local comforts, serene settings, and the vibrancy of the neighborhood. While the allure of Split’s historic central districts captivates many, the summer influx of tourists might sway your preference towards quieter quarters during peak times. Varoš, with its narrow winding streets and stone houses, oozes charm but is often packed with sightseers. Expat favorites like Meje and Spinut provide housing in Split for expats that balances modern conveniences with a local feel, without the high turnover of seasonal rentals.

Beach aficionados gravitate towards Žnjan or Firule, precincts esteemed for their coastal delights and sun-soaked promenades. The quest for housing in Split for expats can become a challenge amidst landlords’ preference for lucrative short-term lets in the height of tourist season. Hence, leveraging local listing platforms, such as Njuškalo, and expat-focused social media groups, unveils a more year-round stable housing market.

Neighborhood Proximity to Center Beach Access Expat Popularity
Varoš Walking distance None Medium
Meje Walking distance Close High
Spinut Walking distance Moderate High
Žnjan Short drive/bus Direct High
Firule Short drive/bus Direct Moderate

Prospective residents should also consider the seasonal dynamics. Those arriving outside the bustling summer months can uncover deals in some of the best neighborhoods to live in for expats in Split, finding solace from tourist throngs while enjoying reduced living expenses. Establishing a home in Split involves a blend of strategic timing, resourcefulness in the real estate hunt, and immersion in the city’s dynamic expat circles.

The Economic Aspect: Cost of Living in Split

Understanding the cost of living in Split is crucial for expatriates who plan to relocate to this picturesque Croatian city. It’s no surprise that the sun-kissed beaches and the rhythmic buzz of the city’s ancient core come with a price tag. However, budgeting as an expat in Split doesn’t need to be a discouraging prospect. The seasons play a key role in financial planning, as the city is known for its significant price fluctuation between the bustling summer months and the more tranquil off-season. This guide will help you navigate the nuances of maintaining an affordable living in Split without compromising the quality of life.

Expense Category High Season Estimate Off-Season Estimate Money-Saving Tips
Housing $800 – $1200 $400 – $700 Consider long-term leases or relocating to suburban areas.
Utilities $150 $100 Shop for energy-efficient appliances and be mindful of usage.
Groceries $300 $250 Buy local produce and cook at home more frequently.
Dining Out $400 $250 Limit eating out to local eateries and avoid tourist hotspots.
Transportation $50 $50 Opt for public transport, bike rentals, or walking when possible.
Entertainment $200 $150 Look for free events, local festivals, and nature activities.

To make the most of living in this vibrant city, it’s advisable for expats to engage with the local culture and lifestyle. This not only enriches the experience but also offers practical ways to save money. Frequenting the local markets, partaking in the relaxed coffee culture, and socializing in communal spaces can be both affordable and gratifying. Essentially, your approach to budgeting as an expat in Split can be adjusted to not only ensure a sustainable cost of living but also allow you to soak in the robust spirit of the city.

Living in Split as an Expat: Blending Work and Leisure

For many who dream of an expatriate life, the city of Split in Croatia offers an ideal setting for a seamless blend of work responsibilities and personal relaxation. Living in Split as an expat doesn’t mean giving up on productivity, as the city caters to the growing demand of digital nomads and entrepreneurs seeking a flexible lifestyle rooted in diverse cultural experiences. Croatia’s embrace of remote work trends positions Split as a thriving hub, expanding its reach as a magnet for international workers driven by the allure of work-life balance in Split.

The charm of the Mediterranean is evident in Split’s lined-up cafes, historic architecture, and the serene blue of the Adriatic Sea hugging its shores. Marjan Park, a local gem, is where laptops close, and walking shoes come on as professionals turn to nature’s tranquility after a day’s work. The harmonious marriage between diligence and leisure is the heartbeat of enjoying life in Split. This costal city is not merely a backdrop for calls and meetings but a playground for the curious and active spirit.

  • Flexible workspace options throughout the city
  • Lush scenery in Marjan Park for unwinding
  • Cultural events throughout the year for entertainment
  • Vibrant culinary scene perfect for after-work gatherings

Maintaining an equilibrium between work and recreation involves understanding the local culture, which is why it’s vital for expats to remain informed about changes affecting their status, such as Croatia’s recent entry into the Schengen Zone. Through cultivating a lifestyle that values productivity alongside personal joys, expats in Split craft a life that reflects the richest tones of Mediterranean existence.

Quality of Life: Safety, Services, and the Serenity of Split

Croatia has long established itself as a bastion of safety for those who choose to call it home. The city of Split, nestled on the shores of the Adriatic, is particularly celebrated for offering a safe living environment that champions peace of mind. Expatriates residing in Split can roam freely, day or night, without the overbearing concern for personal security that plagues many urban areas around the world. This facet of the city deeply enriches the quality of life in Split, allowing individuals to immerse themselves fully in the rich tapestry of cultural and natural beauty that this Croatian jewel has to offer.

The tapestry of expat services in Split is ever-growing—aiming to support a life of ease and convenience. Access to health care and local administration, while marked by some red tape, is facilitated for those from abroad. A common nugget of wisdom shared amongst the expat community is the value of patience; navigating the bureaucratic waters of any new country can be trying, but those who persist find themselves rewarded with the benefits of comprehensive municipal services. Friends and fellow expatriates typically offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, smoothing out the wrinkles of settling in a new city.

Embracing life in Split means yielding to the city’s soothing lull—the soft crash of waves, the chuckles of enjoying fjaka, and the sun’s caress on cobblestone streets. For expatriates, this serenity is a contrasting backdrop to the vitality of everyday adventures, whether exploring Split’s lush hinterlands or dabbling in the vibrant local gastronomy. The serenity of Split complements the bustling social and cultural life, culminating in an enviable equilibrium that accelerates Split’s position as a top destination for those seeking a premier expatriate lifestyle.

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