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Study Abroad in Copenhagen: Your Guide

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by Claire Sturaker


There was a chill in the air, but my heart was aglow with anticipation as the plane began its descent into Copenhagen Airport. Here I was, about to embark on a journey not just between countries, but into a new realm of education and self-discovery. I had spent countless nights researching study abroad in Copenhagen, meticulously preparing every detail of my adventure in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With a keen interest in Denmark’s groundbreaking approach to design and sustainability, I was set on joining the esteemed ranks of international students at one of the well-known Copenhagen universities. The thought of biking along the colorful streets, exploring the intricacies of Danish culture, and engaging in overseas education in Copenhagen felt like the book I’d always wanted to write – my own narrative filled with international study programs and life-enriching experiences.

As I stepped off the plane, I already felt a connection to the city; its combination of historical charm and modern living promised a vibrant stay. I knew I would be walking the same cobbled streets that many students from across the globe had trodden in their pursuit of knowledge and culture. Through my time here, I would gather countless Copenhagen study abroad tips to share, but for now, I was a canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of this new chapter. Journeys abroad are tales of transformation, and Copenhagen, I presumed, would not only educate me academically but would also redefine the way I saw the world.

The city awaited, and with every step, I was ready to write my story into its rich tapestry. Armed with advice and excitement, the Danish capital was not just a destination, but a gateway to learning and exploration in ways I had yet to imagine. And this guide, dear reader, is your starting point on a similar path where studying in Denmark is an invitation to grow, not just as a student, but as a global citizen in the heart of Scandinavia.

Embracing Copenhagen’s Style: Packing Essentials for Every Season

As I prepare for my journey to study abroad in Copenhagen, the eclectic style and weather patterns of this Danish capital are guiding my packing list. Recognizing the need for versatility and style, my suitcase is poised to handle every season while respecting the study abroad costs that are ever so critical to maintain. Copenhagen universities set a high bar not just for education but also for fashion among students. Through my overseas education in Copenhagen, I’m eager to blend in with the city’s fashion-savvy crowd and am mindful of study abroad in Copenhagen tips for packing effectively.

  • A durable, heavyweight jacket to combat the biting cold from December through March
  • A collection of sweaters that echo the Danish preference for black and white hues
  • Comfortable yet fashionable footwear – white sneakers by day and black flat ankle boots for stepping into nightlife with ease
  • Versatile accessories: dark tights and scarves to add chic warmth, and a swimsuit for a sunny escapade or a dip in the indoor pool
  • An adaptable leather jacket that serves as a stylish shield on breezier days
  • A sturdy backpack that carries from classroom to travel adventures
  • An electrical adapter, ensuring my devices stay charged and connected

To mirror the local charm, I am considering leaving behind my puffy jackets at home, embracing wool coats instead, despite the sacrifice in comfort this may entail during colder weather in Copenhagen. Also part of my travel strategy are travel-sized toiletries, a clever workaround to meet strict airline regulations and perfect for impromptu weekend trips I might fancy. As much as this preparation excites me, I also brace for unexpected hot spells, knowing well that weather enjoys its capricious turns in Denmark.

Season Essential Outfit Components Additional Accessories
Winter Heavyweight jacket, sweaters in neutral tones, warm trousers Warm gloves, hat, sturdy winter boots
Spring/Autumn Layer-friendly shirts, versatile leather jacket Light scarves, comfortable sneakers
Summer Casual shirts, shorts, swimsuit Sunhat, sunglasses, day-to-night sandals

Equipping myself with these essentials, I am ready to embrace the timeless elegance that is synonymous with Copenhagen’s style, all while managing my resources wisely for a well-rounded overseas educational experience. I move onto this next chapter with a suitcase full of preparations, eagerly anticipating the lessons in academia and life that Copenhagen has to offer.

Study Abroad in Copenhagen: Navigating the Essentials Upon Arrival

The moment I arrived in Copenhagen to embark on my study abroad journey, I was greeted with the practicality and efficiency that Denmark is known for. One of the most helpful Copenhagen study abroad tips I can pass on is the importance of the travel pass, which immediately granted me the freedom to move seamlessly between my new neighborhood and the bustling heart of the city where the DIS campus resides.

Copenhagen Study Abroad Transportation

Mastering the use of the Danish transit app Rejseplanen became a daily ritual, easing my initial hesitation around navigating an unfamiliar public transportation system. As I settled in, I realized that overcoming language barriers and adjusting to a different rhythm of life, including jetlag, was a universal rite of passage for international students. Grasping this understanding made the transition feel more like an adventure than a challenge.

Bicycles soon turned from a novel concept to my preferred mode of transport, reshaping my daily commute into an authentic local experience. For grocery shopping, a clever tip is to utilize one’s food stipend in discount stores such as Netto, which helped keep my cost of living in Copenhagen as a student within reasonable bounds. I also learned that purchasing essentials at larger stores like Bilka could be cost-effective while still having access to a variety of goods.

Another invaluable piece of advice for fellow study abroad students in Copenhagen is to minimize credit card fees by withdrawing cash. This strategy not only assists in better budget management but also alleviates any extra financial stress from unexpected bank charges. When it comes to academic materials, I advise bringing notebooks from home due to the limited selection available locally. But, interestingly, I found that buying hair electronics within the country is a good idea to match the local electrical standards, while an assortment of adapters for other electronics is a necessity.

As someone who navigated the typical entry requirements for Copenhagen study abroad university programs, I would like to emphasize the understated benefit of these small, yet significant, aspects of daily life. They not only prepared me for a smooth tenure academically but also allowed my focus to remain on the culturally rich and intellectually stimulating year abroad in Copenhagen.

The Vibrant Neighborhoods of Copenhagen: Finding Your Perfect Spot

As I delve into the quest for the best neighbourhoods to live in during my study abroad year in Copenhagen, it’s become clear that each area offers a unique backdrop to the overseas education experience near Copenhagen universities. Vesterbro’s transformation from a red-light district to a fashionable hub brims with restaurants and bars that offer an insight into the Danes’ love for fine dining and hygge-filled evenings. Osterbro, often referred to as a family-friendly haven, is polished with parks and boutiques; ideal for serene study sessions or a leisurely walk after class.

Choosing to reside in Frederiksberg means embracing stunning gardens and, in the winter, having access to an outdoor ice skating rink that truly embodies the Scandinavian charm. Meanwhile, Islands Brygge invites me with open arms to its waterfronts, perfect for a summertime swim or a picnic with classmates. Norrebro buzzes with an energetic and youthful atmosphere, a juxtaposition of cultural diversity and bohemian spirit just a short bike ride from the academic halls.

Living in Kongens Nytorv or Nyhavn places me in the heart of Copenhagen’s historic center, with eloquent landmarks like the Royal Opera House and the vibrant canalside houses — a visual feast and a dream for any photography enthusiast. And when it comes to shopping, Streget, the longest pedestrian street in Europe, does not disappoint with its range from high-end brands to more affordable Danish designs.

My experiences across these neighborhoods have revealed that they are not just places to stay but communities to actively engage with, offering multiplicity and vibrancy that significantly enhance the overall journey of studying in Copenhagen.

  • Vesterbro: Thriving dining scene and nightlife
  • Osterbro: Upscale, peaceful, and family-friendly
  • Frederiksberg: Picturesque and full of leisure activities
  • Islands Brygge: Waterside relaxation and recreation
  • Norrebro: Dynamic, diverse, and youthful vibrancy
  • Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn: Historic cores with luxury shopping
  • Streget: Shopping haven with diverse options

Vibrant Copenhagen Neighborhoods

The Culinary Scene: Brunch Spots and Markets in Copenhagen

As I explore the avenues of studying in Denmark, I’ve made it a point to immerse myself in the local culture, particularly the culinary delights that Copenhagen has on offer. For students undertaking overseas education in Copenhagen, understanding the typical entry requirements for Copenhagen study abroad university programs extends beyond academics; it’s about embracing the city’s lifestyle, starting with its vibrant brunch scene and diverse markets. Here, I share my top recommendations for indulging in the capital’s irresistible gastronomy.

Brunch in Copenhagen

  • Kalaset – Known for their cozy atmosphere and hearty brunch platters, this spot is a hit among students who seek a homey feel amidst their study sessions.
  • Paludan Bog & Café – A combination of a café and bookstore, it’s an ideal retreat for those who enjoy a side of literature with their meals, offering an authentic experience for those studying abroad in Copenhagen.
  • Cafe Norden – Located on the bustling Strøget, this place offers a touch of opulence with its upscale menu, providing an elegant respite from busy study schedules.

Moreover, for those who value customization in their brunch, Mad n Kaffe allows you to create your own perfect breakfast board from a selection of sumptuous options. If you’re craving something sweet and chic, Granola caters to that need with their signature dishes. Meanwhile, Cafe Det Vide Hus wins my affection for their unmatched lattes – an essential for late-night study sessions or early lectures.

When it comes to local markets and specialty stores, Nørreport not only offers fresh produce but also a selection of products that support various dietary preferences. Landbageriet is a haven for those seeking organic and gluten-free options. Vesterbrø, a district that teems with cultural vibrancy, promises treasures with thrifty finds at the Røde Kors shop, refreshing vegan treats at Nice Cream, and a celebration of Copenhagen’s artisanal bread scene at Brød Bageriet.

Location Eatery/Market Noteworthy for Diet Accommodation
Kalaset Brunch Spot Cozy atmosphere, Hearty meals Vegetarian options
Nørreport Landbageriet Organic, Gluten-free bakery Gluten-free, Organic
Vesterbrø Nice Cream Vegan ice cream Vegan, Dairy-free

Copenhagen’s culinary landscape is not just about satiating hunger but is an interwoven part of the study abroad experience, revealing the city’s soul to students who come here. As I delve into the typical entry requirements for Copenhagen study abroad university programs, I ensure my weekends are reserved for these brunch hotspots and markets, offering a flavorful respite from academic rigors and a wholesome slice of Danish life.

Academic Life: Universities and International Study Programs in Copenhagen

Copenhagen university campus

Studying in Denmark, particularly at Copenhagen universities, is an opportunity to engage in a unique education model that blends innovation with a global perspective. The international study programs offered in the city are designed with a practical edge, effectively preparing students for the complexities of the contemporary workplace.

The typical entry requirements for Copenhagen study abroad university programs include a proficient understanding of English, as many courses are offered in the language to cater to an international student body. Additionally, students are expected to have a solid academic background and in some cases, specific qualifications depending on their chosen field of study.

  • University of Copenhagen
    • Known for its research-led teaching
    • Offers a variety of programs in sciences, humanities, law, and social sciences
  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
    • Renowned for its engineering and technology courses
    • Emphasizes innovation and sustainable solutions
  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
    • Specializes in business, economics, and modern languages
    • Focuses on interdisciplinary approaches and international environments
  • IT University of Copenhagen
    • Offers cutting-edge IT programs and research opportunities
    • Courses designed to reflect the rapid changes in technology

These institutions exemplify the commitment to comprehensive education that equips students with real-world experience. Group projects, internships, and interaction with local businesses are usual components of these programs, thereby providing a substantial international experience. As an international student, attending any of these prominent institutions will not only broaden your academic horizons but also your cultural understanding, as Denmark is a nexus of European innovation and cultural richness.

Recreation and Social Life: Must-See Attractions and Nightlife in Copenhagen

As someone who has embarked on the adventure of studying abroad in Copenhagen, the recreation and social offerings of the city form an integral component of the overseas education experience. The Danish capital brims with must-see attractions, each with its own flair and allure. An escapade in Copenhagen is incomplete without a visit to the picturesque haven of Freetown Christiania. Here, I discovered not just quirky dining spots but also a spirited community that beats with cultural vibrancy. Similarly, no evening is quite as magical as one spent at the whimsical Tivoli Gardens, where the nostalgia of a historic amusement park comes alive under twinkling lights.

During my time in Copenhagen, I was drawn to the palpable creativity at the local graffiti park. It’s a place where artistry and expression paint a dynamic urban canvas, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in contemporary cultural expressions. For those that seek elevated sights, the climb up the Spiral Church rewarded me with panoramic views of Copenhagen’s skyline — a sight to behold and capture in both memory and on camera. When the sun sets, my peers and I often find ourselves reveling in the vibrant nightlife that Copenhagen has to offer. Kulor Bar is a favored destination, especially on student nights where camaraderie is kindled over the clink of glasses and free drinks flow before midnight.

My explorations extended to the eclectic streets of Norrebro, where the pulse of youth and trend-setting beats strongest. It’s where you’ll find me unwinding on the recreational terraces at the Lakes with friends or indulging in retail therapy down the bustling Strøget street. The city’s culture of bike-friendliness marries conveniently with my student lifestyle, allowing me the joy and ease of hopping from one experience to another on two wheels. Indeed, studying in Denmark, especially in Copenhagen, provides not just educational enrichment but cultivates a vibrant social life steeped in the city’s charm.

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