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Buying a Second Home in Zakynthos: My Guide

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by Maia Cheng


There’s a palpable allure to the idea of buying a second home in Zakynthos, a notion often reserved for daydreams and wishful thinking. But what if the steps to owning your very own Grecian retreat were within your reach? I’m here to demystify the process, laying the groundwork for what might be the best investment you’ll ever make, not just financially, but for your soul as well. Imagine the warm Mediterranean breeze as your constant companion in a home that’s your personal haven away from the daily grind.

From the tranquil turquoise waters to the vibrant cultural tapestry that makes up the island, buying a holiday home in Zakynthos is more than a mere acquisition; it’s the embodiment of an enriched lifestyle. My journey unravels the practicalities, from navigating legal waters to unearthing the hidden gems in the property market, and I invite you to imagine turning the key in the door of your Zakynthos abode. Shall we begin?

The Allure of Zakynthos: Why Choose It for Your Holiday Home

As I explore the myriad of reasons for buying a holiday home in Zakynthos, I am continuously captivated by the island’s fusion of natural splendour and cultural wealth. Indeed, Zakynthos serves as more than a transient escape but as a coveted second home destination, offering a life cradled by the azure Ionian Sea and enriched by Hellenic hospitality.

One cannot overstate the merits of the island’s cost of living, which remains reasonably low relative to other European hotspots. The affordability of properties here does not impinge on quality or location; it’s possible to find a gem nestled among olive groves or overlooking secluded coves without incurring a king’s ransom.

Zakynthos dishes out a smorgasbord of culinary delights, where every meal harmoniously blends tradition with the bounty of the land and sea. The local wines and cheeses form a gourmand’s heaven, ensuring your holiday home is not only a retreat but a sensory journey as well.

  • Enchanting landscapes and pristine beaches
  • Rich historical sites interspersed with modern amenities
  • Engaging local festivals and arts
  • Opportunity for both relaxation and adventure activities

The climate further underscores the island’s allure, bestowing upon it over 2,700 sun-soaked hours annually. This celestial generosity cultivates a lifestyle where time meanders and a simple ‘coffee’ can blossom into an afternoon of camaraderie beneath the Grecian sky.

ClimateOver 2700 hours of sunshine per year
Cost of LivingLower than many European countries
Local CuisineFresh, local ingredients with an emphasis on traditional dishes
LifestyleLaid-back, social, and community-focused

Thus, I find that the essence of Zakynthos lures not just travellers but those in quest of a second domicile—a pandora’s box of cultural rapture, serene landscapes, and an enveloping warmth that beckons with the promise of an idyllic life.

The captivating beauty of Zakynthos

Understanding the Property Market: Zakynthos Property Price Trends 2023

As a property enthusiast with an eye on global trends, I find the evolving landscape of the Zakynthos property market in 2023 particularly intriguing. This year marks what many analysts anticipate as the beginning of a resurgence, a phase where property investment in Zakynthos might present opportunities for substantial capital gains in the future. It’s clear that any investor looking to capitalise on Zakynthos property price trends needs to observe the market with a discerning eye.

Zakynthos property market trends

One of the thrilling developments for investors is the Prime Minister’s suspension of Value Added Tax (VAT) on new real estate purchases, which signals an advantageous entry point into the market. This stimulates a more attractive fiscal environment for both domestic and international buyers considering property investment in Zakynthos. Yet, while upfront costs are reduced, it’s imperative to remain cognisant of annual property tax obligations, albeit tempered by the exemption of foreign-derived income from Greek taxation, enhancing the allure of Zakynthos for overseas property moguls.

YearAverage Price Per Square MetreAnnual Price Change Percentage

*Projected values based on current market trends.

Deciphering the table above, one observes a gradual but consistent upward trajectory in property values on the island. This pattern suggests that early investors might currently be witnessing the nascent stage of growth and could potentially see their investments mature robustly in the forthcoming years. Hence, understanding the nuances of the market becomes tantamount to making informed decisions and, perhaps, to seizing forthcoming opportunities before they become widely recognised.

  • Market Resilience: Despite fluctuating economic climates, Zakynthos demonstrates a steadfast property market.
  • Legislative Incentives: Initiatives such as the VAT suspension act as economic catalysers, stimulating investment.
  • Strategic Investment: Opportune timing may afford investors leverage in a recovering market.
  • Asset Diversification: Acquiring property in Zakynthos paves the way for a broader, more diverse investment portfolio with international exposure.

Embarking on this journey of property investment in Zakynthos, I keep a keen eye on the market, fully understanding the implications of these price trends. The textured fabric of this island’s market holds the potential for those equipped with the insights and readiness to embrace its rhythm. Tracking the Zakynthos property price trends in 2023 isn’t just about being on top of the numbers; it’s about reading between the lines where the true narrative of investment unfolds.

Buying a Second Home in Zakynthos: Step by Step Guide

As a property enthusiast dedicated to sharing insightful second home buying tips, I present a step by step guide to buying a house in Zakynthos. Let me divulge the process, which I’ve streamlined for your convenient review, ensuring you feel well-equipped to start your property journey in this beautiful Greek island.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research: Begin by learning about the Zakynthos housing market, local lifestyle, and legalities of property ownership.
  2. Set Your Criteria: List down what you’re looking for in a property – distinguish between essential features and perks you’d like to have.
  3. Establish Your Budget: Consider the total costs involved, including legal fees, taxes, and potential renovation expenses.
  4. Seek Legal Advice: Find a reputable local lawyer to guide you through the legal processes and to secure your interests.
  5. Property Visit and Evaluation: Arrange viewings to inspect your shortlisted properties in person, evaluating them against your set criteria.
  6. Negotiate the Price: Enter into negotiations with the seller, keeping in mind currency exchange rates and the additional costs involved.
  7. Secure Your Property: Make a reservation and put down a deposit to hold the property, typically around 10% of the purchase price.
  8. Obtain a Greek Tax Registry Number (AFM): This is a prerequisite for property buyers in Greece and essential for the local tax system.
  9. Prepare the Final Deed: With your lawyer, iron out the details of the contract and draft the final deed of sale.
  10. Finalise The Purchase: Submit all necessary paperwork to the Registry of Mortgages to legally complete the property transfer.

Undertaking the task of buying a house can seem daunting, yet armed with the right guidance and a pragmatic step by step approach, the path to owning your dream home in Zakynthos becomes much clearer. Remember, preparation is paramount – know your budget, understand your requirements, and always seek proficient legal counsel.

StepDetailsExpected Outcome
1. ResearchIdentify desirable areas and understand the Zakynthos market.Informed decision-making on location and property type.
2. Criteria & Budget SettingDefine your non-negotiable features and calculate total affordability.A focused search within your financial means.
3. Legal ConsultationEngage with a lawyer familiar with Greek property law.Legal security and protection of your investment.
4. Property InspectionVisit and examine properties to assess suitability.A personal feel for the property to ensure it fits your vision.
5. Price NegotiationDiscuss terms and agree on a fair price with the seller.A price that reflects both market value and personal value.
6. Property ReservationMake a deposit to reserve the property of choice.The property is taken off the market and reserved for you.
7. Acquiring AFMObtain a tax registry number required for property purchase.Ability to proceed with legal and financial transactions in Greece.
8. Contract DraftingReview and finalise the property purchase agreement.A legally binding document outlining the terms of your purchase.
9. Complete the PurchaseSign contracts and transfer the title deeds to your name.You become the legal owner of a home in Zakynthos.

Financial Aspects: Bureaucracy, Taxes, and Fees Explained

As someone with a keen interest in buying a second home in Zakynthos, I have come to understand the intricacies of the financial burdens involved in such transactions. When navigating through the bureaucracy, taxes, and fees in Greece, one can anticipate a series of expenses that significantly impact the total cost of ownership. Let’s consider the breakdown of these costs to gain clarity on the expected financial commitments.

Expense CategoryDetailsEstimated Cost
Transfer TaxApplicable to every property purchase3.09%
Notary Public FeesIncludes drafting and verifying of purchase contract0.8% + 24% VAT
Land Registry FeesCovers the registration of the property0.475-0.575% + VAT
Legal FeesServices provided by the solicitor throughout the transactionApprox. 1.5%

Maintaining a property in Zakynthos also includes ongoing commitments that can accrue. Property management services, for instance, provide indispensable support for second home owners who live abroad. Although it is possible to go through the entire buying process without a local bank account, setting one up proves to be greatly beneficial for managing subsequent transactions and annual tax requirements.

The thresholds set for annual taxation include mandatory tax declaration, which can be a complex affair, especially when unfamiliar with the Greek tax system. It is often advised to employ the expertise of a seasoned accountant who can navigate these waters, ensuring compliance and avoiding any unforeseen penalties.

In conclusion, prior to committing to your dream home in Zakynthos, it’s imperative that I wholly comprehend these financial elements. This knowledge serves to fortify my buying decision and empowers me to plan accordingly, circumventing any unexpected fiscal obstacles. The enchanting island of Zakynthos could soon become my tranquil retreat, provided I make informed choices regarding the bureaucratic taxes and fees integral to purchasing property in Greece.

The Legal Necessities: Engaging a Lawyer and Notary Public

In my journey to secure a holiday home on the idyllic shores of Zakynthos, I quickly discovered the vital importance of enlisting qualified legal professionals. Buying a house in Zakynthos as a foreigner is not a pursuit to embark upon without the guidance of a proficient Lawyer and an experienced Notary Public. The complexities of Greek property law necessitated that I sought counsel from a Lawyer who could confidently navigate all the legal intricacies to ensure clear title and proper property surveys—which are the bedrock of a sound investment.

Operating under the legal process of buying property in Greece, the Lawyer I appointed was invaluable, capable of acting on my behalf through Power of Attorney. This legal provision was a boon, especially when I could not be physically present. Every aspect of their role—from legal due diligence to facilitating the essential utility contracts—was carried out with meticulous attention to detail. Similarly, the role of the Notary Public was indispensable. Their expertise in drafting a water-tight contract and establishing the officially estimated price for tax purposes provided me with peace of mind regarding the financial soundness of the transaction.

The final act of the purchase process was marked by the registration of the transaction in the Land Registry Bureau—a ritual that cemented my role as a new property owner in Zakynthos. Both EU and non-EU citizens alike can rest assured that engaging a Lawyer and a Notary Public will help ensure their property venture adheres to all statutory requirements, thereby protecting their investment and securing their dream of owning a piece of Mediterranean paradise.

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