Expatriate Guide to Living in Calgary, Canada

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by Maia Cheng


Did you know that Calgary, often referred to as the most “American” of Canadian cities, is fast becoming a bustling hub for expatriates? With its enticing blend of the old and the new, it’s a place where the pioneering frontier spirit meets a modern, urban sophistication. A veritable playground for the active soul, the city’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains provides an endless array of outdoor excursions, from skiing to hiking. This expat guide to living in Calgary aims to give newcomers a helping hand in navigating through Calgary’s diverse neighborhoods, managing the cost of living in Calgary, and ensuring a smooth transition for expats looking to call this dynamic Canadian metropolis their new home.

Whether you’re enchanted by the call of the wild or intrigued by the allure of a vibrant city life, Calgary’s growing expat community stands as a testament to the city’s appeal. Beyond the iconic cowboy culture, you’ll find a burgeoning scene of arts, music, and international cuisine. And while the cost of living here can pose a challenge, smart planning and a little insider knowledge can make all the difference. Calgary continues to attract a diverse group of new residents, eager to participate in the opportunities it has to offer – from the business landscape shaped by low taxes to the well-regarded public transit system simplifying daily commutes.

Introduction to Calgary: Canada’s Frontier City with a Modern Twist

Calgary, a beacon for expatriates, harmoniously combines its heritage as Canada’s frontier city with a pulsating modern twist. As Alberta’s largest city, nestled at the cusp of the Bow and Elbow rivers, Calgary’s picturesque setting near the Rocky Mountains captivates those who seek natural beauty and adventure. Expats venturing into Calgary will quickly find themselves amidst welcoming communities and witnessing the city’s economic vigor.

With a rich history of economic prosperity, Calgary’s economic activity, powered by the energy sector, agriculture, and tourism, is a hub for those aspiring to seize opportunities in a thriving market landscape. This dynamic city, home to approximately 1.3 million residents, has not only established itself as a central point for Calgary’s Rocky Mountain gateway but also as an incubator for promising careers and lifestyles suited to a diverse populace.

Renowned for being one of Canada’s wealthiest cities, the vast resources of Alberta’s oil sands contribute significantly to the opulence and fiscal strength of Calgary. The headquarters of major Canadian petroleum companies firmly anchor within the city’s skyline, symbolizing Calgary’s importance to the national economy. Yet, Calgary is not merely a sanctuary for economic endeavours but also an adoptive home offering some of the best neighborhoods to live in for expats in Calgary.

Additionally, the charm of its origins is omnipresent, as seen in the celebrated Calgary Stampede, an annual event steeped in tradition that has successfully carried the moniker ‘Cowtown’ into the 21st century. Calgary’s visual splendour is further enriched with rolling landscapes and urban parks that seamlessly blend into Calgary’s natural beauty, offering residents and expatriates alike a serene retreat from the vigor of city life.

Below is a guide to some of the most desirable neighborhoods for expats seeking to make Calgary their new abode:

  • Kensington: Brimming with shops, cafes, and proximity to downtown, it’s an urbanite’s haven.
  • Beltline: Known for its vibrant nightlife and cultural events, perfect for the socially active expat.
  • Signal Hill: Offers family-friendly communities and great amenities, ideal for expats with children.
  • Bridgeland: Historic yet contemporary, offering a blend of vintage charm and modern convenience.
  • Inglewood: As Calgary’s oldest neighborhood, it offers a unique mix of old-world charm and artisanal presence.

Calgary's Rocky Mountain gateway

Living in Calgary as an Expat: Pleasures and Challenges

The wave of newcomers working in Calgary has contributed significantly to the dynamic Calgary expat community. Those who have recently made this vibrant city their home are met with a fascinating cultural amalgamation and a seemingly harmonious blend of work and leisure. As evident in this Calgary expat guide, the city extends a warm welcome with its myriad of festivities and a rich tapestry of arts and music that cater to the diverse palate of its international residents.

Dynamic Calgary Expat Community

Calgary’s arts and dining landscapes have undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, breaking away from its old cowboy town stereotype to forge a new, more cosmopolitan identity. International Avenue is a pulsating hub of global cuisines, bringing a slice of the world to Calgary’s doorstep. Similarly, its thriving theatre scene is both a tribute to the city’s growing cultural affluence and a playground for the creatively inclined expat. Our guide highlights how the varied recreational offerings from music festivals to the local love of country and folk genres make for a lively scene expats eagerly embrace.

  • International Avenue: Multicultural dining and shopping experiences
  • Theatre Scene: A blend of traditional and avant-garde performances
  • Music Culture: Home to the flourishing country and folk music scene
  • Festivals: Rich in festivities that embrace various cultures

Nonetheless, the pulsating life of an expat in Calgary is not without its trials, particularly in the professional realm. The competitive job market places a premium on securing employment prior to settling down. With various industries from energy to tech taking root in the city, potential job-seekers are advised to tap into this growing economic landscape to ensure a smooth transition.

On a brighter note, Calgary’s renowned transport system is a facet that eases the everyday. As expats navigate through their new environment, they often commend the efficiency of public transit that significantly alleviates the hustle of commuting, allowing more time to indulge in the city’s vibrant offerings. Whether it’s the reliability of the CTrain, the extensive bus network, or the walkability of certain neighborhoods, the ease of movement is a definite plus for those new to Calgary.

Calgary’s allure for expats is thus a kaleidoscope of cultural richness, career opportunities, and the joys of easy living. It’s a city where the glow of enterprise meets the tranquility of Canadian living, providing a setting ready to be explored and experienced by its dynamic expat fold.

Cost of Living for Expatriates in Calgary

The cost of living in Calgary is an important consideration for expatriates looking to make the city their new home. While Calgary living costs have increased, largely influenced by the city’s rapid population growth and the resulting high Calgary’s accommodation costs, there are economic advantages to living in this vibrant Canadian metropolis. One of the key benefits for residents is Calgary’s subsidized health insurance, which provides significant savings especially to those with work or residency status in Alberta.

Calgary’s housing market offers a spectrum of options for expatriates, whether looking to rent or buy. Despite the accommodation costs, the absence of provincial sales tax and generally lower utility expenses help balance the overall living expenses compared to other major cities in Canada. Below, we break down the various costs associated with living in Calgary for an expatriate.

Expense Category Average Monthly Cost (CAD)
Rent (1-bedroom apartment downtown) $1,200 to $1,800
Rent (1-bedroom apartment outside downtown) $900 to $1,300
Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water) $150 to $200
Internet $50 to $100
Groceries $200 to $400
Public Transport $100 to $150
Health Insurance Varies (subsidized rates available)
Childcare $750 to $1,000

In conclusion, while some expenses such as childcare remain significant, the overall Calgary living costs can be managed with thoughtful budgeting and taking advantage of local subsidies. The subsidized healthcare system in particular can be a major cost-saver for expatriates living with their families. It’s clear that, with careful planning, Calgary can provide a comfortable quality of life to its diverse populace, including the moving expat community.

Family Life and Education in Calgary for Expats

Expat families in Calgary are met with a city that extends beyond a place of residence to a supportive community, offering a wealth of options for expat children’s education in Calgary, and a conducive environment for all-round family growth. The diverse mix of educational institutions ranging from public to private and international schools in Calgary caters to the multifarious needs of the expat community.

Calgary’s public schools for expats are known for their strong academic standards and are inclusive to children of expatriates with work visas or permanent residency. This creates an opportunity for expat children to integrate smoothly with Canadian students, fostering an environment of cultural exchange and understanding.

Conversely, for families seeking an education in line with their home country’s curriculum or a more global educational approach, the numerous private and international schools in Calgary offer curricula from the International Baccalaureate to various national syllabuses. Below is an overview of the educational choices available to expat families:

Type of School Features Advantages
Calgary Public Schools Tuition-free, strong emphasis on inclusivity and diversity Integration with local students, no tuition fee for eligible expat children
Private Schools Alternative curriculums, smaller class sizes Tailored educational approaches, more personalized attention
International Schools Global curriculum such as IB, cultural diversity Cultural familiarity for international students, globally recognized education

Enriching the educational experience, expat families in Calgary also have the charm of Calgary’s landscapes and city-sponsored events to amplify their lifestyle. The city’s sweeping green spaces are ideal for weekend picnics, nature trails and the numerous family-oriented festivals throughout the year create a lively and engaging atmosphere, essential to the holistic development of children.

Lastly, for new expat parents seeking connections and advice, Calgary is home to numerous expat groups and forums where parents exchange tips and organize activities. All these factors together underscore Calgary’s reputation as a family-friendly city that warmly embraces its expat community, ensuring a conducive and vibrant setting for family life and the education of children.

Embracing the Calgary Climate and Nature

Calgary’s climate is a dynamic tapestry that weaves together a humid continental profile with ample sunshine to earn it the reputation as Canada’s sunniest major city. This aspect alone is a compelling draw for expatriates who revel in sunny days, whether bustling through work or leisure. Yet, the local weather narrative is far from one-dimensional. It phenotypically echoes a quartet of seasons, each breathing a distinctive charm and recreational bounty into the city’s fabric.

During the colder months, Calgary’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains transforms the city into a snowy haven for winter sports enthusiasts. The nearby slopes cater to skiers and snowboarders looking for both adventure and tranquility against a stunning natural backdrop. However, it’s the characteristic Chinook winds in Calgary that often steal the meteorological spotlight. These warm, westerly gusts can swiftly elevate temperatures, slicing through the cold with a sudden warmth that’s as surprising as it is relieving—a unique climatic peculiarity that brings its own blend of seasonal respite.

Nature’s influence on Calgary does not pause with the weather. Calgary’s nature and outdoor recreation are inextricably linked to its climatic moods. In the embrace of Calgary’s four distinct seasons, residents and expats alike find the variety empowering, enabling diverse experiences from hiking trails during the gentle touch of spring to the colorful mosaic of foliage in autumn. Embracing the essence of Calgary’s climate means engaging with an environment that offers a platform for both the pursuit of exceptional outdoor recreational activities and the appreciation of incredible seasonal transitions.

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