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by Susanne Jones


Amid the sprawling coastline of Western Australia lies a city where nearly one-tenth of the population hail from the UK—welcome to Perth. Known for its unique combination of serene urban life and Mediterranean climate, Perth presents itself as a beacon of opportunity for expats from across the globe. For those considering living in Perth as an expat, uncovering the allure of this vibrant city starts with knowing where to plant your roots and how to blend into the local tapestry of life.

As you embark on this journey, our expat guide to living in Perth navigates critical factors like the diverse Perth expat community, the budding job markets tailored for those working in Perth, as well as the best neighborhoods to live in for expats in Perth, which all culminate to a cosmopolitan yet tranquil urban experience. With an enchanting blend of city comforts, stunning nature, and a cost of living in Perth that leans favorably against its metropolitan cousins, Perth could be your ideal expatriate destin

Embracing Perth’s Local Culture and Lifestyle

Widely recognized for its sun-drenched ambience and congenial residents, the city of Perth offers a unique blend of modernity and nature that captivates the Perth expat community. Its vibrant social scene and cultural attractions align smoothly with the relaxed pace and Aussie way of life, making the transition of living in Perth as an expat an enriching experience.

Perth's Lifestyle and Culture

Integration into this warm community typically involves participating in various local customs and pastimes. One cannot mention Australian culture without the iconic barbecue, a quintessential element of socializing in Perth. Here’s a glimpse of what embracing the local culture truly involves:

  • Social Integration: Receiving an invite to a neighbor’s BBQ is a good sign you’re being welcomed into the fold. Embrace these gestures wholeheartedly.
  • Outdoor Exploration: With places like Kings Park, the wineries of Swan Valley, and the breathtaking Cottesloe Beach, the possibilities for outdoor entertainment are boundless.
  • Community Engagement: Join local clubs or groups to engage with others who share your interests, be it sports, arts, or cuisine.

Aussies are known for their direct but affable communication style, so don’t shy away from striking up conversations. You’ll find that blending into this community is as much about being open to new experiences as it is about enjoying the company of others under the perpetually sunny skies.

Discovering the Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Perth

Perth, a city replete with scenic landscapes and a thriving expat community, offers an array of neighborhoods each with their own unique allure. The quest for the finest best neighborhoods to live in for expats in Perth often depends on individual lifestyle preferences such as proximity to beaches, urban amenities, or a desire for suburban tranquility.

Perth Real Estate Scenic View

For instance, the coastal town of Fremantle seduces beach enthusiasts with its fusion of heritage charm and a bustling café scene. Here, expats find the essence of a relaxed coastal lifestyle blended with vibrant culture and history. On the other hand, suburbs like Mount Lawley attract families with their friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and community-centric living.

  • Fremantle: Known for its stunning coastline and historic architecture, coupled with an energetic cultural heartbeat, perfect for expats who enjoy a vibrant, social community with plenty of ocean breezes.
  • Mount Lawley: Family-friendly atmosphere with a touch of sophistication, featuring tree-lined streets, quaint shops, and artisanal cafes, ideal for expats seeking a serene suburb with urban conveniences.
  • Ellenbrook: A pioneer community reflecting Perth’s growth, Ellenbrook is planned with modern living in mind, boasting amenities and parks, catering to expats who desire a fresh start in an up-and-coming neighborhood.
  • Eastern Hills: Offering an escape to nature, this area is perfect for those who crave open green spaces and crisp air, after living closer to the city’s bustle.

Understanding Perth real estate and the cost of housing in Perth is crucial when choosing a neighborhood. The median property price in Perth hovers around $560,000, with rentals inside the central regions averaging around $3,000 per month. Outside the city center, rental prices can drop to approximately $2,000 monthly, showing the economic diversity within Perth’s living communities.

Neighborhood Median Property Price Average Rental Cost (City Center) Average Rental Cost (Suburb)
Fremantle $780,000 $3,500 Not applicable
Mount Lawley $685,000 $3,200 $2,200
Ellenbrook $480,000 Not applicable $1,800
Eastern Hills $625,000 Not applicable $2,000

Whether you’re drawn to the energetic coastal life in Fremantle, the family-oriented streets of Mount Lawley, the innovative spirit of Ellenbrook, or the natural expanse of the Eastern Hills, Perth’s diverse neighborhoods provide a welcoming community for expats from all walks of life. With the city’s real estate offering a variety of price points, expats can find an abode that not only meets their lifestyle needs but also aligns with their financial considerations.

Living in Perth as an Expat

For those contemplating a move to Australia’s western shores, the cost of living in Perth is an important factor to consider. While it is true that Perth offers a sense of solitude by being the most isolated major city in the world, this doesn’t equate to an increased cost of living – quite the opposite. Newcomers, especially from the UK, are pleasantly surprised by Perth’s affordability when compared to other major urban hubs like Sydney or Melbourne, not to mention international counterparts such as London. This affordability, paired with the region’s amenities, contributes to the vivacity of the Perth expat community.

When it comes to everyday essentials, the local markets and Australian products are not only of high quality but are also quite economical. This extends to the diverse food scene, where local cuisine and produce provide a budget-friendly feast for the senses. However, it’s worth noting that imported goods have a tendency to sport a higher price tag due to Perth’s relative remoteness. Yet, the city’s social infrastructure further compensates for this, boasting commendable safety records and top-notch health care systems – both critical considerations when living in Perth as an expat.

Expense Category Perth London
Housing (Rent/Mortgage) Affordable Expensive
Groceries Economical for local goods Higher for similar quality
Dining Out Reasonably priced More costly
Transportation Less expensive, efficient public transport Costlier, but extensive network
Healthcare High-quality and accessible Good quality, potentially high private costs

As the statistics demonstrate, newcomers can relish in a high standard of living without the financial strains experienced in many other global cities. The Perth expat community is growing, with new arrivals finding both a warm welcome and a lifestyle that tick all the right boxes – safety, health, and comfort – all at a more palatable cost. Living in Perth strikes a delightful balance for expats, offering the pristine beaches and sunny skies of Australia without the exorbitant expenses often associated with such a privileged lifestyle.

Navigating the Job Market: Tips for Working in Perth

For those considering working in Perth, you’ll find a dynamic and diverse job market eagerly awaiting your skills and expertise. Integral sectors such as healthcare, construction, and education are continually seeking qualified professionals to sustain Perth’s growth trajectory. Furthermore, the robust mining industry, powered by the rich deposits of natural resources like gas and precious metals, remains a cornerstone of the region’s economic expansion, contributing significantly to employment opportunities in Perth. The city’s fortifying job landscape is a fertile ground for expats seeking both career growth and a life of balance.

Expats striving to be part of the flourishing job market in Perth must understand the nuances of visa sponsorship and the points-based immigration system. The Australian Government’s Skills Priority List is an invaluable resource, pinpointing the professions in high demand and thus increasing the chances of successful employment integration. Securing a job from this list not only smoothes the visa process but also often aligns with prosperous career paths and financial stability in this vibrant city.

Perth’s work culture is distinctively characterized by a strong commitment to professional life, augmented by a generous holiday entitlement that Australians hold dear. This blend of work dedication and life indulgence spells a work-life harmony that is ingrained in the city’s ethos, making employment opportunities in Perth all the more enticing for expats. The allure of a career in Perth is not just in the job itself but in the lifestyle that comes with it, promising a fulfilling experience for those embarking on their new expatriate life.

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